miercuri, 6 aprilie 2016

A Study in Red

 Fernand Toussaint - Jeune femme accoudée
 Unknown young lady, by Caspar Netscher 1674, The Posselt collection in Heidelberg Palatinate Museum
Princess Anne, by Willem Wissing 1683 
Beatrice Offor 
 Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Sibylla Palmifera
 Fernand Toussaint - A Moment of Contemplation (Belgian artist, 1873-1955)
 George Peter Alexander Healy, - Portrait of a lady, seated half-length turned to the right in red dress
 Giovanni Battista Moroni - Woman in a Red Dress
 Giovanni Boldini - The Woman in Red
 Gustave Jean Jacquet - Portrait of a Girl in a Red Dress
 Jean Jacques Henner - Study Of A Woman In Red
 Jean-Marc Nattier - Marie Leszczynska. Oil on canvas. Musée de Grenoble
 John Everett Millais - Bright Eyes
John Everett Millais - I am Never Merry when I hear Sweet Music
John Everett Millais - Portia 
 John Singer Sargent - Portrait of Mrs. Elliott Fitch Shepard 1888
 John William Godward - A Classical Maiden
Louis de Silvestre The Younger - Maria Amalia of Saxony, wife of Charles III of Spain 
 Portrait of Louises von Orléans, by Franz Xaver Winterhalter
 Portrait of Miss Mary Edwards, by William Hogarth 1742
 Princess Sophia, 1825, by Thomas Lawrence The Royal Collection 2010, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
 Viscountess of Poilloue of Saint-Perier, by John Singer Sargent 1883
William Logsdail - Portrait of Alice Crawford in the role of Olivia 
 Wistful Thoughts, by Gustave Jean Jacquet, Oil on canvas 1878
Young woman in red, by Johannes van Haensbergen, late 17th c

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