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Fields of Red Poppies

 Two horses and a colt in a field of poppies, by British sporting artist Samuel Marriott (1932-1997)

An impressionist landscape of a lady strolling through poppy fields, monogrammed SEVD, 1956, oil on board
 Jan Blencowe 2008
 Field of Poppies, Isles of Shaos, Appledore by Childe Hassam
 Gerhard Nesvadba - Pathway To Poppies
 Gerhard Nesvadba - Poppies in Small
Gerhard Nesvadba - Summer Field
 Field of Red Poppies, pastel painting by artist Karen Margulis
 Georgi Petrov
 Girl with Straw Hat
 Jan Groenhart - Poppy Field
 Mary Cassatt
 Mountain Poppy Field, by Karen Margulis
 Path through the poppies, by Claude Monet
 Poppy field and cabanon
Sergei Toutounov 
Tuscan tree with poppy field, by Cecilia Brendel 
 Unknown Artist - Poppy Field
Woman In A Poppy Field by Leon Giran Max
 Alf Wallander - Landscape from the South of France 
 Alfred James Munnings (1878–1959) - The Poppy Field, Dundee Art Galleries and Museums Collection (Dundee City Council)
 Lilamani de Silva - Picnics and Poppies, Acrylic on Canvas
 Mary Stubberfield - Poppies
Nancy Medina - Open Sky Field of Poppies 
 Nancy Medina - Warm Breeze Poppy Field
 Poppies near a Garden Wall, by Willem Matthijs Maris
 Poppies near a Garden Wall, by Willem Matthijs Maris
 Sara Paxton - Poppy Landscape
Alexandru Henţia - Lanul cu maci 1914 
Antal Neogrady - Printre maci
 Sarkis Gogorian - Poppies
Shirley Netherton - Poppies

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