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Study in Green

 Thomas Edwin Mostyn (1864-1930) - The Green Gown. Oil on Canvas
 Fernand Toussaint - Femme et Parasol
 Abraham van den Tempel - Portrait of a young girl as Diana, c. 1669, National Museum, Warsow
 Anthony van Dyck - Marchesa Balbi, ca. 1623
 Auguste-Amalie de Baviere (c.1815), by François Gérard
Charles Jervas (British, c. 1675 - 1739) - Portrait of Lady Katharine Pelham, late 17th-mid 18th Century 
Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Astarte Syriaca circa 1877 
 Dante Gabriel Rossetti - Veronica Veronese 1872
 Eduard Veith - The King's Daughter, before 1902
 Fernand Toussaint - Dame avec un chien
 Fernand Toussaint - Femme lisant
 Fernand Toussaint - l'Album et le bouquet de fleurs
Fernand Toussaint - La femme en vert 
 Fernand Toussaint - La robe verte
 Fernand Toussaint - La rêveuse
 Fernand Toussaint - Le manteau vert
Francesco Hayez - Accusa segreta (1847-1848). Oil on canvas. Museums of the Visconti Castle. 
Lord Frederic Leighton - Girl in Green 
Madame Lenoir (1764), by Joseph Siffred Duplessis (French,1725-1802). Musée du Louvre. 
 Mary Cassatt - Young Woman in Green, Outdoors in the Sun (1914)
 Mrs Ernest Guinness, by Sir Francis Bernard Dicksee. 1912
 Unknown artist - Portrait of a Florentine Noblewoman 1540
William Glackens - Young Woman in Green 1915
Albert Lynch (Peruvian, 1851-1912) - Young Woman in Green Hat

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