miercuri, 30 martie 2016

Poppy Flowers

 Günther Georg Burr
 Nei campi, by Giuseppe De Nittis
 Anne Cotterill
 Benyi Emese
 Igor Syrbu
 Cecil Kennedy - Poppies in a glass vase on a marble ledge with a ladybird
Childe Hassam - Celia Thaxter's Gardens, Isles of Shoals, Maine, 1890, Oil on canvas, 45 x 55 cm, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 
 Helene Schjerfbeck - Poppies 1893
Jessica Hayllar - Oriental Poppy and Coleus in a Cloisonné vase, with a fan on a faux bamboo table 
 Julien Stappers
 Julien Stappers
Mary Dipnall 
 Mary Dipnall
 Octav Băncilă - Maci
 Octav Băncilă - Ulcică cu maci roşii
 Octav Băncilă - Vas cu maci
 Red Poppies, by Dmitry Spiros
 Arthur Wardle - With Room To Run
Rudolf Negely - Flori de câmp 
 Victor Leclaire - Wild Flowers
 Poppies, by Stefan Luchian 1910
Vincent van Gogh - Poppy Flowers, 1887


 Ferdinand Hodler - Lilac tree, 1892, Oil on canvas
Sergei Tutunov 
 Spring's Splendor (Lilacs in Green Vase), by Barbara Schilling
 Girl with Lilacs, by Achille Beltrame (Italian, 1871- 1945). Oil on canvas 
 Lilacs study no.2, by Larry Preston
 Bouquet of Lilacs, by Pierre Auguste Renoir 1875
 Buchet de liliac, by Theodor Aman
 James Jacques Joseph Tissot - The Bunch of Lilacs, Oil on canvas c1875 Private collection
 Kyriakis Kostandi - Lilacs
Leo Louppe
 Lilacs in a Window, by Mary Cassatt 1880
 Ludwig Kandler - Flowers in a vase
 Nora Kasten
 Open Window, Lilacs,  by Valentin Serov, 1886 Oil on canvas
 Panov Eduard - Lilacs, oil on canvas, 2013
 Paul de Longpre
 Sergei Toutounov
 Spring Bouquet, by Barbara Schilling
 Theodor Pallady - Natură statică cu liliac alb şi pipă, 1932-1933
 White Lilac, by Isaac Levitan
Young Girl with Lilacs, by Emile Munier
 Claude Monet - Lilac in the Sun, 1873
 Eugenia Filotti-Atanasiu - Liliac 1927
 Jean-François Portaels (1818 – 1895, Belgian) - Lilas blanc
 Mary Cassat - Lilacs in a Window 1879
NICOLAE I. ANGELESCU (ANGEL) (1869-1916) - Flori de liliac și panseluțe

marți, 29 martie 2016

Apple Blossom Time

 Nicolae Grigorescu - Apple Blossom
 Charles-François Daubigny - Apple Blossoms 1873
 Paul Emile Pissarro - Pommier en Fleurs
 George Inness - Apple Blossom Time
Alan Wolton - Violet Apple Blossoms 
 Alfred Sisley - Apple Trees in Flower, Spring Morning (1873)
Apple Blosoms and Hummingbird, by Martin Johnson Heade 
 Apple Blossom, by Nicolae Grigorescu
Apple Blossom, by Samir Sammoun 
Apple Blossoms at Eragny, by Camille Pissarro 
 Apple Trees in Bloom, by Claude Monet
Martin Johnson Heade - Girl on a Hillside, Apple Blossoms 1874 
Camille Pissarro - Flowering Apple Trees at Eragny 
 Charles Haigh Wood (1856-1927) - Under the apple blossom, Oil on canvas
 Daniel Ridgway Knight - Gathering Apple Blossoms
Dinner Lidia - Apple Blossoms 
 Edward Noott - Apple Blossom
 Frans Mortelmans
Harvey Harold - Apple Blossom 1892 
Henri Fantin-Latour - Apple Blossoms oil on canvas Private Collection 
John Joseph Enneking - Apple Blossoms in Spring 
 John Joseph Enneking - Sheep Under the Apple Blossoms
 John Leslie Breck - Apple Blossoms
La Ferme et le pommier en fleur, by Alain Lutz 
Nikolai Astrup - Apple Trees in Bloom 
 Nikolay Sergeyev - Apple blossom in Little Russia
Paul Cornoyer - Woman with Apple Blossoms oil on canvas 
 Paul Emile Pissarro - Maison normande au pommier en fleurs
 Robert Striffolino - Apple Blossoms Oil on Canvas
 Sir John Everett Millais - Spring (Apple Blossoms)
 Still Life with Apple Blossoms in a Nautilus Shell, by Martin Johnson Heade
Theodore Robinson - Apple Blossoms, c.1885-1890, Oil on canvas 
Verner Moore White - Apple Blossoms