miercuri, 30 martie 2016

Poppy Flowers

 Günther Georg Burr
 Nei campi, by Giuseppe De Nittis
 Anne Cotterill
 Benyi Emese
 Igor Syrbu
 Cecil Kennedy - Poppies in a glass vase on a marble ledge with a ladybird
Childe Hassam - Celia Thaxter's Gardens, Isles of Shoals, Maine, 1890, Oil on canvas, 45 x 55 cm, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 
 Helene Schjerfbeck - Poppies 1893
Jessica Hayllar - Oriental Poppy and Coleus in a Cloisonné vase, with a fan on a faux bamboo table 
 Julien Stappers
 Julien Stappers
Mary Dipnall 
 Mary Dipnall
 Octav Băncilă - Maci
 Octav Băncilă - Ulcică cu maci roşii
 Octav Băncilă - Vas cu maci
 Red Poppies, by Dmitry Spiros
 Arthur Wardle - With Room To Run
Rudolf Negely - Flori de câmp 
 Victor Leclaire - Wild Flowers
 Poppies, by Stefan Luchian 1910
Vincent van Gogh - Poppy Flowers, 1887


 Ferdinand Hodler - Lilac tree, 1892, Oil on canvas
Sergei Tutunov 
 Spring's Splendor (Lilacs in Green Vase), by Barbara Schilling
 Girl with Lilacs, by Achille Beltrame (Italian, 1871- 1945). Oil on canvas 
 Lilacs study no.2, by Larry Preston
 Bouquet of Lilacs, by Pierre Auguste Renoir 1875
 Buchet de liliac, by Theodor Aman
 James Jacques Joseph Tissot - The Bunch of Lilacs, Oil on canvas c1875 Private collection
 Kyriakis Kostandi - Lilacs
Leo Louppe
 Lilacs in a Window, by Mary Cassatt 1880
 Ludwig Kandler - Flowers in a vase
 Nora Kasten
 Open Window, Lilacs,  by Valentin Serov, 1886 Oil on canvas
 Panov Eduard - Lilacs, oil on canvas, 2013
 Paul de Longpre
 Sergei Toutounov
 Spring Bouquet, by Barbara Schilling
 Theodor Pallady - Natură statică cu liliac alb şi pipă, 1932-1933
 White Lilac, by Isaac Levitan
Young Girl with Lilacs, by Emile Munier
 Claude Monet - Lilac in the Sun, 1873
 Eugenia Filotti-Atanasiu - Liliac 1927
 Jean-François Portaels (1818 – 1895, Belgian) - Lilas blanc
 Mary Cassat - Lilacs in a Window 1879
Alena Rumak - Lilac Still life 
Alena Rumak - Lilac
NICOLAE I. ANGELESCU (ANGEL) (1869-1916) - Flori de liliac și panseluțe