miercuri, 10 februarie 2016

Yellow Roses

 Big Yellow, by Barbara Schilling
 Green and Yellow Roses, by James Stuart Park
An Elegant Lady With A Yellow Rose, by Emile Vernon 
De Vito - Yellow Roses and a Tea Cup 
 Emil Carlsen - Still Life with Yellow Roses
Flowers And Bees, by Paul de Longpre, Watercolor 
For my name-day, 1909, by Edoardo Tofano (1838-1920) 
 Franz Bischoff - Yellow Roses
 Jean-Baptiste Robie
 Julian Alden Weir - Silver Chalice with Roses, 1882
 Marie Osthaus Griffith
 Pink and Yellow Roses, by James Stuart Park
Roses, by Frans Mortelmans 1900
 Roses in a Silver Vase, by Albert Williams
 Sir Samuel Luke Fildes (1843-1927) - The Yellow Rose
 Still Life with Roses and Mandolin oil on canvas, by Soren Emil Carlsen 1884
 Still Life, A Yellow Rose, by Henri Fantin Latour 1971
White Pitcher with Yellow Roses, by Barbara Schilling 
 Yellow Rose Study, by Qiang Huang
 Yellow Roses and Lilacs, by Paul De Longpre
Charles Hodge Mackie

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