miercuri, 13 ianuarie 2016

Lady in Red

 Alfred Stevens - Portrait of Mrs. Howe, 1900, Oil on canvas, 124,46 x 91,44 cm, Private Collection
Angelica Kauffman - Frances Ann Hoare with Bust of Clio, ca. 1770-1775, oil on canvas 
 Boldini Giovanni - Portrait Of Madame Juillard In Red
 Carl Larsson - Gust of Wind, 1895, Watercolor, Private Collection
 Charles Webster Hawthorne - Girl in Red
Charles Webster Hawthorne - The Florist's Daughter 
 Charles Webster Hawthorne - The Red Gown 1905
 Eduard Friedrich Leybold - Woman in Red Dress With Shawl, 1824 (German, 1798-1879)
 Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun, Portrait of Aglaé Angélique Gabrielle de Gramont, 1824, Oil on canvas, 82,6 x 66 cm, Private Collection
 ENGLISH SCHOOL, 19th century - A half-length portrait of a lady wearing a red
 Joseph Caraud (1821-1905) - The Red Parasol Oil on canvas 1890
 Olga, by Pablo Picasso
 Portrait of Margaret Kemble Gage, by John Singleton Copley, 1771
 Portrait of Princess Anna A. Obolenskaya 1887, by Émile Auguste Charles Durand
Robert Henri - The Red Shawl, 1909 at Baltimore Museum of Art Baltimore 
 The Crystal Ball, by John William Waterhouse
William Hogarth (1697-1764) - Miss Mary Edwards, 1742. Oil on canvas

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