duminică, 12 iulie 2015

Rainy Day (Part I)

 Best friends by Victor Gabriel Gilbert (French, 1847-1935).
Gerald Harvey Jones 
 Jean Béraud - The Milliner on the Champs Elysées
 Konstantin Korovin - A Florence street in the rain 1888
Rain in the night city, by Leonid Afremov 
Rainy Day, Boston - 1885 by Childe Hassam (1859-1935) 
 Rainy Midnight ca.1895 by Childe Hassam (1859-1935). Oil on canvas
 The Pulse of the Rain, oil on canvas by Alexandrina Karadjova
Via de Malcontenti by Telemaco Signorini 
Charles Tunnicliffe - Dry Clothes and Rain 1927

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