duminică, 12 iulie 2015

Margarete (Part I)

 Robert Duncan
 Konstantin Makovsky - Flowers
Kyle Polzin 
 Martin Johnson Heade - Yellow Daisies in a Bowl c 1890
 Monet - 1878 Bouquet of Gladiolas, Lilies and Daisies. Private Collection
 Paul & Raoul Maucherat de Longpre - Large Purple Clematis and White Daisies
 Picking daisies, by Egisto Lancerotto
 Sleep Head Daisies, Daisy Painting by Nancy Medina
 Teresa Oaxaca - Old Man with Daisies, 2013
 Thomas Benjamin Kennington - The Wedding Dress
 Vase with Daisies and Anemones - Vincent van Gogh
William Jabez Muckley
Theodore Robinson (American, 1852-1896), Old Lyme Colony, Impressionism Daisy Field, Nantucket, 1882
 A Daisy Day by Diane Olsen
Cecelia Muringer Schussele -Wildflowers 19th century 
 Daisies in a Mug - Scott Evans, oil on canvas
 Daisies in basket. Oil on canvas
Daisies, oil on canvas, by Charles Reid 
 Daisies, Phlox, Grapes and Cherries, 1978, oil on canvas, by Stephen Gjerston
 Hermann Seeger - Picking daisies
 Jar of Daisies by Alexandra Averbach. Oil on Canvas
Joseph Dolderer - Daisies,oil on canvas

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